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Junior – Mantis MMA teaches kids (from 5 to 12 years of age) how to successfully defend themselves in the quickest, safest and most practical way through martial arts games, age appropriate mixed martial arts techniques (which includes Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and Tong Long Kung Fu) and the very popular and revolutionary Defenda Tag self-defence training system which is exclusive to Mantis MMA and was invented by Mantis MMA’s Founder and Head Trainer, Master Aaron Turnbull who has over 25 years of martial arts and combat fighting experience and two young kids of his very own.

Junior – Mantis MMA will dramatically improve your child’s confidence, fitness and social skills.


Mantis MMA’s exclusive Defenda Tag training system is a great new alternative to hand to hand combat sparring and turbo charges your childs self-defence training. The way we do this is by getting your child to put on one our exclusive patent pending Defenda Tag shirts which has 8 tags strategically placed on it attached via Velcro tabs.

We then get your child to play a game against one another with the goal of trying to protect his or hers tags while at the same time trying to get the tags off the other child. The Defenda Tag game can be thought of as an alternative to contact sparring which you typically see at traditional martial arts schools but is a lot safer, way more practical and a lot more fun for the kids.

A lot of time and effort has been put into the placement of the tags on the shirt and into the creation of the training games and the competition rules so as to best prepare your child for real self-defence scenarios. The greatest asset of the game is that it is extremely fun, safe and exciting and because of this the intensity of the game is high and in turn dramatically improves your child’s physical fitness and health.

Your child will also be able to eventually represent their club at local, state and future international competitions. The sport side of Defenda Tag will help your child develop social and sportsmanship qualities which will help them learn how to deal with pressure, the highs and lows of winning and losing and also the importance of fair play and playing by the rules.

Defenda Tag can be broken down into three main elements:

  1. Self-Defence: because the skills required to effectively defend and attack tags are the same needed in a real self-defence situation, for example; distance control, effective blocking, attacking, counter attacking, reaction, timing, balance, dealing with pressure, situational awareness and so much more.
  2. Fitness: because the game is so much fun they don’t want to stop and because the game is so safe the intensity is very high, which is the secret of any great fitness programme. The dynamics of the sport provides an effective cardiovascular workout regardless of skill or fitness level, through a structured grading programme.
  3. Social skills (sport / competition): they will develop the social skills with their mates at a club level and professionalism at the competition level.

Here is a list of some of the benefits your child will receive by being part of our Junior – Mantis MMA programme:

  • Improved mental & physical health
  • Be able to build & maintain relationships
  • Learn about rules, boundaries & goal setting
  • Benefit from teamwork & social skills like co-operation, patience, tolerance, acceptance
  • Skills of inclusion, leadership, interdependence
  • Develop sportsmanship skills like fair play, respect, winning & losing & self-regulation

Many parents have told us their concerns:

“I’m worried my son is getting overweight. He is not very active or social and often spends a lot of time by himself in front of the TV”.

“My daughter is getting bullied at school and doesn’t have enough self-confidence to stand up for her self and I can see this is really effecting her self-esteem”.

“I would love my child to be able to do some sort of self- defence in a safe environment”.

“I want my child to learn something that is practical and actually works instead of just paying for coloured belts like at his current martial arts school”.

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